Bapish Calendar Gregorian Calendar The Ancient World Earth
PRESENT - 3530 DT PRESENT - 2015 AD The fourth world war is currently raging over the westlands and the dictatorship of the San'ak Islands has fallen.
3417 DT 1902 AD The Fourth World War begins.
3123 DT 1608 AD The Third World War begins.
3121 DT 1606 AD The Royal House of Hearthfield eliminated the Royal House of Westhenge and defeated the R.H. of Highlands and the R.H. of Rosewoods. This started the 400 year rule of the Bapish Monarchy.
2112 DT 597 AD The Second World War ends.
2071 DT 556 AD The Second World War begins.
1515 DT 0 AD Jesus Christ was born.
915 DT 600 BC The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was built.
0 DT 1515 BC The year the two worlds split and divided into two seperate universes. This also marked the end of the First World War.
412 AT 1927 BC The Westhenge Kingdom had successfully gained control over the island of Semala.
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