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Lieutenant of the Healing Squad

The Lieutenant of the Healing Squad joined the Lykan Brigade 7, and single handedly took out the opponents with her forbidden magic. She was shown appearing and dissapearing on different places at the same time, whether or not this was high speed teleportation or illusions is not known, but considerin her ranked position and already shown ability of illusions the likelyhood for it to be illusions is high. She somewhat later married the Lykan Brigade 7 leader and had two children.


She was shown entering the battle field with a white robe, covering her body but a small part of her legs. She wore black shoes with black stockings and had for the most time her arms hid in the robe. Her face was mostly covered with a fan held with one of the hands that came out of her back. Together with a large sewing needle, a spindle, a distaff and a bow and arrows. Behind her was always floating a larger fan which resembled a rising sun behind her head. She was shown with her black hair tied in a high side bun with several ornaments in it.


She was shown as a calm and intelligent person, however, she was rather cold towards her subordinates. She commented on her being the Healing Squad's Lieutenant, and reassured the Lykan Brigade 7, that even though she showed ferocious powers in the battlefield, she was indeed there to heal and protect them. She later married the Lykan Brigade 7 leader and became the mother of two, she was stated as a caring and protective mother, who always made sure her family had what they needed.


She was shown using Seidr magic, as pointed out by one of the treacherous ayers who joined the enemy's side. The opponent's ayer looked quite scared when she saw the Lieutenant, saying to her team that the Lieutenant was not to be taken lighly. She can apparently make zombies out of her dead enemies and use them as her pawns, controlling every movement they make. She also created illusions by marking the ground or people and later curse them. She wiped out her opponent with a large destructive barrier and later on fought the leaders by her self 1v3.

She effortlessly doged her enemies attack, stating she could read her opponents movements when they were made so easy to be read. She showed great intelligence when she calculated counter attacks, as shown when she cursed one of her subordinate's blood which she then used as a shield for the blood user to steal blood of.