The teleportation theoryEdit

The teleportation theory is a theory Helfrid Antczak made based on time and space magic. Under an order from the Witch Order every ranked 7 or higher were allowed to use forbidden magic and develop it. Time and space magic is a forbidden magic as it may break the laws of physics. Helfrid pointed out that if you bend space you can move swiftly from one point to another. After many years of studying she was able to "leap." While breaking the space around her and bent another space closer to her, she was able to "leap." Making a 10 minute trip, only 5 seconds. She performed this technique many times and analysed it. She also created a sub-division on one of the schools in the Royal City where they all studied teleportation with help of Espers with the ability to teleport. When a group of witches made teleportation possible the Witch Order made a law that said that only rank 5 or higher may perform teleportation.