The political parties have one role, and that is to be one of the political powers in Bap. Bap works with the people sending "voters" to the Office of politics to give suggestions on things that needs to be done and then the Office takes the suggestions and sends it to a fitted division on the office. If it goes through the Office of politics it will then be sent to the Head of State and then the Head of State will give his/her vote. The people, the Office of Politics and the Head of State all have one vote. If the people vote "yes" and the Office of politics vote "no" the people can demand the Head of State to give a vote, while then the vote of the Head of State is absolute. Meaning that if the Head of State votes "no" the subject cannot be brought up again after 5 years(or the next set of politcians in the Office of politics is made).

The politcal parties of Bap are:

  • the United Democratic Party
  • the Religious Unity
  • the Archaic Party


The United Democratic PartyEdit

The United Democratic Party, refered to as leading party or UDP, with over 1/4 of the votes is the first political party in Bap and is one of the biggest political parties in the world with one of the biggest international influences. The UDP have been a good example on democracy and equality.

The Religious UnityEdit

The Religious Unity a party created by the "nomadic" people of Bap. The UDP have been fighting for equality on the islands, not including the nomadic people, whilst the nomadic people still felt out of the political system as they are not directly Bapish citicens. The party was created so that their vote never would be overseen.

The Archaic PartyEdit

The Archaic Party was created by people who wanted the old rules and laws, which made Bap independed and not relying on others. The Archaic party also have a high social-rank system which is highly unpopular with the people.