Physical information

East of Midlands.








"Conquer with skill, not force."


Foxchester, Yorkcast, Featherstone and Firehood

Form of Government

Absolute monarchy

Head of State

King Martin Alexander Casadia

Head of Government

Queen Marie Sylvia Casadia


King Martin Alexander Casadia


Casadia has a long history, and must be one of the better conserved countries. It is ranked as the second with most historical attractions, after the San'ak Isles. Their history is dated as far back as before the split between Earth and the Ancient World.

Pre unificationEdit

Casadia mainly consisted of several sovereign states. Each state spoke their own language, and had their own culture and traditions. When war times came up, the states got in a union while the war rampaged over the Midlands. When the war ended they kept the union going until the contract expired. When they saw the economical growth within the union they decided to go into another union. Approximately year 1253, the countries changed the union to the Kingdom of Victoria, as Queen Victoria was the ruler together with her husband King Victor.

The Kingdom of VictoriaEdit

The Kingdom of Victoria was located in the Midlands, and was fairly larger than Casadia now. It was the 4 or 5 unified states together as a country. In the beginning they had a lot of clashes with Bap, as they both provided resources to the Royal City. Providing resources to the Royal City made the economical growth in both countries sky high compared to neighbouring countries. After about a hundred years the Kingdom started developing a class system which made the inhabitants one of the states the upper hand. They paid less tax, they had higher salaries.



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The country mainly consists of oceanic climate, however the northern part is mostly dessert with a semiarid climate. The capital has a lot of rainy days. It has warm summers, but not hot, and the winters are short and not so cold.



Featherstone, the capital of Casadia, is the historical city of Casadia, and the former capital of Kingdom of Victoria. It is not the largest city, but it holds the most reserved historical locations. The city have a museum for tourists where pictures from the historical era of Casadia are shown. You can apply to visit the castle, where food usually is served together with many other attractions within the castle. The harbour of the city is one of the biggest in the country, and it is characterized with the hole harbour built with cobblestone, together with the rest of the city. The city is also known as the Historical Capital.