Albine Danielle Blanchett
Biographical information

Princess of Casadia

Birth place

Featherstone, Casadia


Featherstone Castle



Physical description



5’7 (170cm)


154lbs (70kg)

Hair color

Dark brown

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information



Offense Armor

Albine Blanchett was born in Featherstone. Her mother Marie Sylvia Casadia and father Martin Alexander Casadia was the King and Queen of Casadia. Which made Albine the princess. She was an only child who got what she wanted. Her name was given by her grandmother which passed away before she was born.


Early lifeEdit

Albine Blanchett was born in Featherstone by mother Marie Sylvia and father Martin Alexander. Throughout her life she's been living inside the castle to protect her from the war that has been going on for hundreds of years. Her parents wanting her the best shut her inside the castle gates. Making sure that no Esper, Witch, Demon or any kind of occult phenomena would be in sight of her. One time when she was about 8 she ran out into the forest in anger. So frustrated about her parents always shutting her inside and never telling her about what's on the other side of the castle gates she hit a tree with all her might, breaking it. Shocked over how she managed to break a tree with her bare fist she started crying. One of the butlers of the castle saw it while looking for her. He ran over and told her it would be fine, but it had to be a secret. Not telling anyone. The butler teached her many things. Including how to control her abilities.


On the surface Albine is calm, posh and good looking. Just like any princess should behave. However on the inside she wants fight bad guys, run around in the streets and finding new hidden pathways and just be boyish for once. She does not like to be told what to do, however as a princess she has to do her duty.


Offense ArmorEdit

Offense Armor is an Esper ability to protect herself from any ranged-close combat. It also provides her "super strength" where it looks like she hits something while it's the armor that repels what she hits. Offense Armor is an armor and makes the range of her abilities very short. Only a few centimeters from her body. The armor is invisible and cannot be seen.

After mastering her abilities she was able to shape her armor into a sword. The sword can be used to cut down enemies, objects or anything that comes in her way. It works the same way as the armor. It repels everything it touches. Because of its shape it will cut, instead of send the target flying or breaking it.

She's able to shape her armor into a shield. The shield works the same way as the armor except it doesn't repel everything without she wanting to. The shield got a higher defence than her armor and it can then repel the opponent from the shield or she can strike the opponent with the sword. With all these three she created a whole knight's equipment.